Mercury goes direct today, woo hoo! But now what?

Whew, this was a potent one, wasn't it? I'm guessing most of you are at least aware of this astrological phenomenon that is one of the only ones to have a somewhat uniformly effect on us all, but if not, here's a great article to sum it up for you.

I used to say, "Don't know what Mercury Retrograde is? Great! Carry on!" when coming across someone who wasn't yet aware of it, previously perceiving it as a big pain in the ass and wishing I, myself, could enjoy the "ignorance is bliss" route. Yet over the years of moving through it with conscious awareness and deepening my understanding of its purpose, I now encourage people to read up on it so they can use it to their advantage. Although I wouldn't say I look forward to the 3 times per year Mercury Retrograde occurs, for about 3 weeks at a time each time, I can say that my experiences of each is filled with much more grace and ease than before, and I no longer dread it happening. Plus, I always feel grateful after they end because some pretty decent shifts have occurred as a result.  

So this one in Pisces is over - now what? Well, it's integration time! This is the time to get your conscious mind up to speed with the energetic, internal shifts that have occurred, making them even more useful in your life going forward. A great way to do so is to acknowledge out loud or on paper what happened for you. Here are some questions to help you out with that:

  • What did you become aware of during this time?

  • What was strengthened within you?

  • What did you let go of?

  • What or who showed up from your past that deepened your clarity?

  • Did you take the cues to slow down or did you plow forward anyway, and what did you notice in either case?

  • How did your intuition, psychic gifts or superpowers grow? Any new ones? (*This question pertains to this particular Mercury Retrograde period in Pisces, as Pisces is a deeply psychic sign.)

Put simply, how did this energy serve you and how do you intend to carry it forward?

 I'd love to hear some of your experiences and answers to these questions, if you feel like sharing and being witnessed. And feel free to share the ridiculous experiences, too, as Mercury Retrograde tends to force us to slow down in really loud ways sometimes. For example, at the start of the retrograde period my phone stopped registering voicemails right away, sometimes taking days for one to show up! Annoying, yes, but it kept me off the phone and allowed me to be more fully present, slow and intentional. I fully expect my phone to work properly again shortly. :) Hit the comment button and share with me what happened for you!