The Gift of Spiritual Alignment


When Nova asked me to write up something about alignment and spirituality my mind went a little bizerk.. How do I find one thing to talk about when there is so much? After some time of processing and thinking, perhaps a little over-thinking, I decided to talk about the gift that alignment and spirituality has brought to my life.


I truly believe there is no greater gift that we can give ourselves, our family, and the world other than the gift of alignment. I see it as the most important work a person can engage in, a game changer of epic proportions. I want to take this opportunity to discuss what alignment means to me, how I’ve personalized something so powerful and how you can do the same.


Put simply, acting in alignment means coming from a place of love. That is the simplest and most profound way I can explain it to my clients. When we practice the art of alignment we are truly practicing coming from love in all areas of our life. This also happens to be what spirituality means to me. Spirituality is an awareness that guides us closer to loving ourselves and others in deeper, more profound ways. That’s it. It’s requires a trusting in something, call it whatever you wish, that when you choose to love, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be, you will be rewarded by your chosen. This happens because when you are acting in alignment with love you are showing up with Higher Self leading the way and that is what our human experience is all about. It is about learning how to blend your human self with your spiritual self, or higher self, that self that is rooted in love. Tell me something better than the feeling of love…. I’ll wait.


I feel the need to clarify that a life in alignment is not a life free of challenge. Quite the opposite, actually. A life of alignment is more like a life grounded in the ability to see the purpose, the opportunity, the gift in all the contrast and challenges that inevitably come with this human experience. It’s a life path that allows us to feel the feels and then to recover back to our authentic state of being, an energy of love, more quickly and with more ease. Strengthening your faith in the belief that life is always working in your favor can sometimes draw more contrast to you—as if you’re being “tested.” You’re not. You’re being given opportunities to walk your talk, to validate the statement, the proof is in the puddin’ (your own life being the pudding). I say this not to evoke fear but rather to somewhat kindly address that this work requires effort, dedication, and consistency. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and from my experience can feel like straight hell at times. However, once you begin to recognize the patterns, the flows of life, you begin to relax and trust the natural balance of life that exists with you and for you.


And so, alignment is the most precious ability because it transforms us, empowers us, and gifts us with good feeling feelings more often than not. We all crave to feel love more than we do and yet we stumble not because there is something wrong with us but rather because when we are out of alignment we lack the clarity to see from this higher place. Usually, all we need is someone who sees us through the lens of our Higher Self when we’ve lost sight. The depth of gratitude I feel for being a guide, a way-shower if you will, is difficult to articulate in words. This work resonates with my soul and calls forth the most authentic being I can possibly be. Please know I take this work seriously and with a sense of light-heartedness. I honor your path and encourage you to align with love through the most challenging of times. I am always holding your hand and honoring your own unique journey. I look forward to raising the vibration within you and of this planet. I look forward to seeing you remember to allow love to take the lead, once again.

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Written by guest contributor Annie Kuensting.

Annie is the owner and operator of Beacon Empowerment Strategies, A Master Educator, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, workshop facilitator, and Pranic healer. She has also been trained by Nova in the Spiritual Alignment Method, due to her intense passion and talent for creating rapid, lasting positive change in her client's lives by aligning them with Who They Really Are.

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