How do you stay positive all the time? Well, you don't.

People who know me always describe me as being a positive person, and in my line of work it kind of goes with the territory. I’ve often been asked what my secret is, how do I stay so positive and optimistic? Well, there are many ways to be positive, but here’s the big one: Rather than attempting to be positive ALL the freakin' time, I put the focus more so on recovering to a higher, more positive and aligned state when I’ve had a human moment. And, perhaps more importantly, I allow myself to BE human. 

In other words, when the wind blew my open car door causing it to hit me in the side of my head this morning while getting my daughter, Hazel, out of the car (because Mother Nature decided to drop a ridiculous snow storm on us Here in MN despite it looking and feeling like actual spring for the last several weeks) I cursed like a sailor (yes, in front of my kid 🤷🏻‍♀️).

As the icy wind continued to whip me in the face and Hazel dropped her stuff in the snow drifts no less than 117 times between the car and the front door to daycare, you could say I was abundantly annoyed, especially when I stepped in a bunch of melted snow on the floor and got my socks all wet (isn’t that the worst?!). 

But that’s a normal, human experience, and who wouldn’t be annoyed, right?

So I don’t fight myself on stuff like that. Instead, as soon as I have the opportunity to I shift my focus to feeling better, by focusing on better things. I work my way back up to that more Aligned, centered, calm and optimistic state of being. This morning that looked like listing positive aspects and gratitudes out loud in the car on the way home. And it worked, I felt so much better by the time I started working. 

Bottom line is, rather than trying to force positivity from yourself all the time, especially when it doesn’t feel authentic to, try putting the focus on recovering to your higher self more quickly and more consistently. This is one way you can avoid the whole “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” syndrome where you let one or two bad experiences ruin your whole day. And this is how you embrace your humanity while knowing full-well you are first and foremost a spiritual, vibrational being, just having a human experience. By the way, I wrote a whole chapter on this topic in my book, "Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being." You might want to check it out. :)