Spiritual Alignment Quick Tip

I know how busy you are, and I'm guessing you've been guilty of convincing yourself that you don't have time to focus on all of this spiritual stuff that you know is good for you (an entirely different topic deserving its own article). So I've decided to make improving your alignment and quality of life easier for you by occasionally offering a "Spiritual Alignment Quick Tip" like the one below. One quick concept, and an easy and practical way to apply it - that's it! 
Spiritual Alignment Quick Tip:


I find it useful to designate certain times of the day to train myself into thinking in alignment with what I want to see manifest. My favorite times are: right away when I wake up and get out of bed, right after my girls leave for daycare, bathroom breaks, shower, driving, doing the dishes/laundry, and at the end of the night as I close my eyes to sleep. Basically anytime where your mind is more prone to wander in a direction you don't like is a great time to focus your thoughts on good things!
What does that look like? Anywhere from naming things you are grateful for and appreciative of, noticing the positive aspects of your day or that are physically surrounding you, repeating affirmations or mantras, to just good old fashioned positive self-talk!
This practice has made a tremendous impact not only on the quality of my thoughts and emotions, but what I see show up as a result. Give it a go if you're looking for ways to start telling the story you want to live. And I'd LOVE to hear your experience! Just hit the reply button on this email and tell me all about it!

Enjoy your weekend,

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