Talk As If What You Want is in the Process of Coming


The story we are telling about ourselves, our lives and life in general has a direct impact on our experience. Many like to say "it is what it is" (side note: my husband says this to me on purpose because he knows it drives me crazy) but I would amend this statement to say "it is what I say it is."

Not just fluff - this is how it works: the words you speak represent your current chosen belief and perspective. Everything you encounter will be viewed and experienced from that perspective, which will create your reality. Energetically, the words you speak hold a vibration that the Universe has no choice but to match and bring you more of. Neurologically, the words you speak release specific chemicals in your brain that cause you to feel a certain way; if you say something positive you will feel positive emotions and therefore have a positive experience, and the same goes for a negative statement.

Literally, all you see in your world is your idea about it. That is why two different people can witness the same event and have two completely different experiences of it. You have so much more control over your life than you realize, no matter what is going on around you, but it takes a lot of focus, mindfulness and consistency.

Pay attention to what you're thinking and saying about yourself and life, and if it doesn't feel good, say something that does. Sometimes this takes a bit more effort, especially if you're dealing with something particularly challenging. In this case, I recommend starting off with naming (talking about) whatever you're feeling or thinking without forcing a better version. Process it in a healthy, useful way like journaling or venting ONCE to a trusted friend, then reach for a slightly improved statement, and then another and then another. Work your way up, and see how that experience changes. 

Try it on for size, just for today I challenge you to pay special attention to the words that are coming out of your mouth and in between your ears. Notice the quality, based on whether it feels good or bad. If it's good, actively continue in that direction. If it's bad, actively change course. I'd love to know your experience with this, or any further clarifying questions you may have! Hit reply to this email and share/ask away!


To your alignment and mine,



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