Spiritual Alignment Quick Tip

Let's talk manifestation for a moment, shall we?

This popped up in my FB newsfeed today, and I thought a little expansion on it would make for a fantastic Spiritual Alignment Quick Tip this week:


The most important thing I have ever learned in regard to manifestation/conscious creation is the following statement: "This or something even better, Universe!" - a phrase that captures the essence of both trust and detachment from the result. Following this statement, your only job is to feel good as often as possible in order to keep that door open for the Universe to deliver. This is where the inspired action part comes from as well, in case you're wondering.

I can't tell you the things I've seen show up when consciously using the Law of Attraction with this understanding, both for myself and my clients. The feeling good as often as possible part tends to be the biggest challenge, but once you have a solid strategy in place for doing so, it's not only easy but makes the path to your desired outcome equally amazing and enjoyable - and that's really the whole point in the first place!

What are your most amazing manifestations (big or small)? Hit the reply button and share them with me!

High vibrations sent your way,


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