“One person who is in alignment with who they really are is more powerful than a million who aren’t.”

~ Abraham-Hicks


If you’re like most people, you’ve been brought up to believe that you need something outside of yourself in order to be happy and feel good, or to be successful.

But contrary to that popular belief, it turns out it is NOT the job, the house, the car, the money, the relationship, the status, or anything else that we truly want – what we TRULY want is how we think those things are going to make us feel. We want the feeling! We want to feel GOOD!  

Yet we have no idea that we can actually create that feeling, or state of being, FIRST, out of thin air, really, and those things we thought we needed in order to be happy will have to come to us anyway because it is Universal, Vibrational Law.



It is ASTONISHING what you can do when you are in vibrational alignment with Who You Really Are.



I created the Spiritual Alignment Process to help you consciously focus your thoughts, emotions and vibration so that you can easily align with the powerful conscious co-creator that you REALLY Are. From this place, we sit back and watch the Universe hand deliver you endless miracles, magic and your consciously desired manifestations.

Because life is supposed to be fun!

But I get it, life doesn’t always feel fun. In fact, life can seem really effing hard sometimes, and we all know that change is a constant so it can often feel like you rarely even have solid footing in your day-to-day life. It’s super easy to get lost in the illusion, the external stuff that we call “reality” that truly does seem so real and limiting. And it’s equally frustrating and overwhelming to know deep down that there’s more to it than what we see, that all of the freedom, joy, expansion, abundance, and peace we desire is always within reach, yet not having the faintest clue as to how to access it.

It’s all good, I got you. I can help you easily and consistently focus your energy so that you can consciously create anything you desire, especially your desired state of being. Because that’s all we really want any way, the tangible stuff is just a nice (okay, a really nice) benefit.

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“When I began working with Nova I told her my goal was to have the same life, but for everything to be completely and totally different - I wanted my experience of it all to be better. I wanted less stress, less anger and resentment, more time and patience, and the ability to handle everyday challenges better. After only a few months of working with her, that is precisely what happened. I walk through each day filled with joy and gratitude. I handle previously difficult situations with ease and grace and feel as if the world has slowed down so I can enjoy it.

Nova has given me the skills to master my own emotions, and thereby to master every situation I encounter in life. As a result, everything continues to improve, and life just keeps on getting better and better!”
— DR. COREY LEE LEWIS Speaker, Coach, Author of "The Art of Becoming"

You’re ready for Spiritual Alignment if….

  • You consider yourself to be spiritually inclined, and you’ve done a lot of your inner work already

  • Energy and vibration are your first language, or at least you want them to be

  • You have a lot of the pieces of the “spiritual puzzle” but you don’t know how to put them together

  • You feel like your spiritual self and your human self are two separate people, and that hurts; you’d like to merge them to be a functioning version of Who You Really Are

  • You love the messages of Conversations with God and Abraham-Hicks, and others like it, and want to practically apply them to your everyday life

  • You have a deep yearning to be of service to this world, and you sense you have a lot to give, but need guidance and accountability in defining and acting on it

  • Living a life of inauthenticity and limitation is completely unacceptable to you


Whether you are currently going through a big life change that’s left you feeling overwhelmed, lost or even paralyzed, or you’re bursting at the seams because you KNOW there is so much more out there for you, more of the MAGIC, the Spiritual Alignment Process will take you where you want to go – and not just assist you right now, but for the rest of your life. AND everyone else in the world benefits from your improved vibration, too!

You see, we are all energetic beings. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy, and they are the very things that determine what we call forth in life and how we experience it. When you have any measure of control over that energy, you literally become LIMITLESS in what you can create and experience!

I believe we were all meant to know this about ourselves and use this knowledge to experience gobs of the good stuff, as well as see the inherent beauty in the not-so-pretty aspects of life, and it is my personal mission to help you do that.

“Sometimes, even those of us who live and teach this “spiritual stuff” every day, need someone who can point out our own delusions and losses of energy. Nova wasted no time digging down to the heart of my current misalignment, she tackled my fears without hesitation, she helped me see that I had stopped communicating with my higher self (re: connecting to my angels and guides) and I had started operating at a lower energetic level than I am used to, which had caused me to spiral into a cycle of: feel bad-produce negative circumstance-feel worse-produce more negativity... Her insightful reminder, no I’ll say hearty push, to raise my vibration, a little at a time, was exactly what I needed to ask for and receive help from my team who had never left me after all. In just a few days, I have broken the cycle of negativity, and feel the dark cloud I had been carrying, lifting. Thank you, Nova, for helping me to return to Who I Really Am.”
— Emily A. Filmore - Author of The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease and Co-author of Conversations with God for Parents with Neale Donald Walsch
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A few ways to work with me….

Individual Coaching and Mentorship:

I offer a couple of different packages, depending on where you are starting from vibrationally and how serious about this alignment stuff you are. There’s the Spiritual Alignment Foundational Package, which consists of about a month and a half (3 one-hour sessions) of coaching and energy-reading specifically designed to build your foundation for living in alignment and properly focusing your energy. Next, there’s the Spiritual Alignment Deep-Dive Package, where we spend about 3 months (6 one-hour sessions) not only building your foundation for alignment but we also have a chance to really get into the good, magical stuff of the Universe and getting you using it regularly. And finally, there’s the Spiritual Alignment complete-overhaul-flip-your-whole-world-and-paradigm-upside-down-into-something-beyond-your-greatest-imagining package, or what I call the Spiritual Alignment VIP Mentorship Package (6 or 12 months, 12 or 24 sessions). This one is only for the ridiculously willing and ready individuals who are not only deeply committed to their own alignment and well-being, but wish to use it to contribute to the alignment and well-being of the entire world. In order to be considered for any of these packages, we merely hop on the phone and chat about it, allowing us both to get a sense for whether or not this approach is a match for you and, if so, which option will be the greatest fit. 

Group Coaching:

When the spirit moves me and I have room for it in my schedule, I occasionally offer group programs in order to serve more alignment-seekers at a time, and at a more accessible rate. Info for such programs, both online and in-person will be posted on this site when available.

Single Energy-Reading Session: Although I am not able to offer these sessions all the time, I do open up my schedule to offer the opportunity for a single energy-reading session every now and then, which you will hear about if you sign up to receive my e-newsletter or you're a part of my private Facebook group, Spiritual Alignment Community. In these sessions I essentially read your energy and help you identify where the biggest "gaps" are in your vibration, as well as how to close them and create more consistent and cohesive ease and flow there. Other gems and messages from your Cosmic Team (i.e. guides, angels, etc.) often pop up, too, so it's great fun!

Read my Book and Join the Online Course!

My first book is being released in May of 2018! It’s called “Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being” and it will rock your world. I can say that without arrogance because it was mostly received by me vs. conceived by me, and it essentially covers nearly everything I do with my clients in a 6-12 month coaching package, complete with practical applications. For those that desire to go deeper, I've created an online group course to really hold you accountable to applying this stuff to your everyday life. Look for details soon!


How Does it Work?

This alignment stuff is not for the faint of heart; I only work with a handful of individuals at a time, and you must apply to be considered. Not because I’m super full of myself, but because this work is extremely focused and not everyone is ready for it, and I don’t want either of us to waste our time on something that isn’t ultimately going to serve you. I don’t mess around – when you begin this process with me we get right into the most important stuff that your soul is ready for, and if you do the work you see results, and quickly at that. Through our one-on-one coaching calls, I connect with your Cosmic Team (i.e. your Angels, Guides and other mostly unseen beings whose sole purpose is to help you unfold your soul purpose) and tap into your energy, and together we focus on what currently needs to be looked at and adjusted in order to get and keep you in that sweet spot of alignment, allowing and receiving more often; in other words I will identify your vibrational “gaps” and what you need to do to close them. I will ask questions, you will answer them. I will tell you exactly what I’m seeing and hearing, you will share with me what you feel is important for me to know. And together we will devise a plan – your Soulwork for the 2-weeks in between our sessions – that you implement and I hold you accountable to, all in the name of improving your consistent vibration and ability to be in alignment more often. And that, folks, is where all the magic of the world is accessed.

Here are just some of the things we will cover, depending on how much time we have together:

  • Specific daily practices and habits that are the most effective for focusing and directing your thoughts and energy in a powerful way – specific to you

  • Which beliefs are not serving you, and which ones you can now consciously adopt that will make this whole process of life much, much easier and way more fun and satisfying

  • How to specifically practice the vibration of the things and experiences you want in life

  • How to change your inner dialogue and start telling a NEW story about your life, one that matches your dreams, goals and desires, and how to stop telling the old, outdated story

  • How to effectively embrace and use negative thoughts, emotions, experiences and events in your life to your advantage

  • How to work with your very own Cosmic Team, the Universe, your own intuition and your unique SUPERPOWERS

  • How to access more of the miracles, magic, synchronicity, serendipity, play, fun, and pleasure in life that we ALL have a divine right to

  • How to functionally and authentically BE Who You Really Are in everything you think, say and do, and how to RECOVER TO that higher version of yourself more quickly when you’ve temporarily disconnected.


No matter which package you choose, we meet via the phone (or Skype or Zoom or whichever beloved platform you prefer) bi-weekly for our sessions. In between our sessions, you have unlimited email access to and support from me as you go about your business applying what you’ve learned and doing your Soulwork Assignment. I will also be working with your energy behind the scenes, giving you energetic adjustments, healings and boosts and whatnot.


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“Working with Nova was absolutely life-changing, fun, deep, and transformative… Nova is an excellent guide to help you master your thoughts and feelings in your day-to-day experience; spirituality made accessible and easy to live and apply for people who lead a pretty “normal” life. You can experience a huge shift in a short period of time, leaving you with tools that have become a beloved routine in your daily life. Having her read my energy was very helpful, as it always helped me to see clearly where I am and where I want to go. I felt so lovingly seen and held, understood and supported. It was a completely new experience, out of the box and truly in line with my Soul´s agenda. I felt empowered and true to Who I Really Am… Highly recommend working with Nova to anyone looking for practical and spiritual guidance.”
— URSULA SCHULENBURG - Spiritual Coach and Author,

My Soul WANTS This! What Now?

Feeling that divine impulse and soul recognition, are ya? Simply shoot me an email and we’ll set up a time to have a brief chat about which option is best for you. I’ll take a peek at your energy to make sure this is the right fit, give you the rest of the details, answer all of your questions and we’ll go from there!

Super Intrigued Yet Not Quite Ready to Dive In?

Email me and we can set up a single Energy-Reading Session, where I will read your energy, tell you what your Cosmic Team wants you to know, and give you a bit of Soulwork to take with you, whether we continue working together or not. I charge $200 USD for these one-hour sessions, and if you choose to continue working with me I’ll count that amount as payment towards the package of your choosing.  

At the very least, you can ask to join my Spiritual Alignment Community on Facebook, a private group where I post daily and you can interact with those who are on a similar journey as you, and/or sign up on this site to receive my free newsletter where I give all the latest updates and offerings, plus I love to give you stuff you can use right now to improve your alignment.

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“When I reached out to Nova, I was on three months of being unemployed and feeling very defeated, like I was just treading in muddy water. I had done everything that I was ‘supposed’ to do when looking for a new career: researched, sent resume after resume, webinars on interviewing and resume writing. Nothing was working. My mind was blocked. My body was blocked. My soul was blocked. Just going through the motions was not enough. My session with Nova was about an hour, and within the first 20 minutes (and the moment I asked for it) I received a call for an interview with a company that I have been trying to work with for years. I was hired and began my new adventure shortly after my session! My one hour session had so many experiences...Angels/spiritual team, manifestation, establishing a new daily practice to help me consistently focus my energy in the direct I wanted. I went from being stuck in the mud to feeling like I was flying with the clouds! I have changed my perspective on everything from relationships to daily challenges, and now I am purposefully living EVERY single day from a place of alignment! Life this so much more pleasurable! Nova reminded me of what is important and that alignment is how to get things done!”

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Isn’t it time you let your Inner Being take the lead?

One last thing…

I am not some Alignment magician. I just “stumbled” onto this discovery more than 5 years ago that has become the Spiritual Alignment Energetic Mastery Training. Since then I have continually worked on it... refining it, adding to it, perfecting it.

The result is a method, a system, a process that can be applied very successfully over and over. I am humbled by it, and grateful to be able to share it with others like you, knowing with great joy and satisfaction that it will serve you for the Rest. Of. Your. Life.

So if you’re ready to achieve a life of more ease, flow, clarity, abundance, and MAGIC, then your next step is to email me so we can get you some alignment. We live in a powerful time, heck, the whole world is shifting! And if you are here reading this, know that this is YOUR time to SHINE – no more waiting for the “perfect time” or “perfect conditions. Contact me to learn how to CREATE them.

I look forward to serving you, and watching your journey of alignment unfold!