Awake and Aligned 3 Week Pop-up Group

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Awake and Aligned 3 Week Pop-up Group

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Awake and Aligned 3-wk Pop-up Group!

When: November 11th- December 1st (11/11-12/1), DAILY

Where: Facebook – in a secret, private group just for us that no one else will ever know about or be able to access

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What it involves:

  • Each day I will post content (sometimes multiple times/day) in the group that you can use to immediately shift your energy and increase your vibration and access a higher state of alignment. Sometimes it will be a written post that inspires, an audio that enlightens, pulling angel or tarot cards for the group, or a FB Live where I will teach a specific alignment hack – and who knows what else my Cosmic Team (i.e. guides, angels, etc.) will inspire me with!

  • I will be working with this specific group’s energy, which means each week I will be focusing on the collective energy as well as that of each participant’s, doing a little behind-the-scenes energy work. Think of it as an energetic adjustment to help realign you.

  • Like-minded souls just like you who have a vested interest in connecting within to their Higher Self, to the their own Cosmic Team, and to the magic of this beautiful, vibrational Universe we live in – sharing in each other’s journeys is absolutely priceless, and such an important part of the alignment process. You can choose how much you want to share, but there will be prompts by me asking group members to share their experiences and learnings, give their own insights, as well ask the questions that you may not think to ask yourself! PLUS this is a collective conscious co-creation, meaning that when two or more are gathered with high vibrations and intentions the Universe bends to create their desired magic and outcomes!

  • Access to me to help you navigate those various contexts of life where you’re sure getting into alignment is impossible or out of reach, and get your “yeah, but what about ________” questions answered.

  • Accountability so that you will actually follow through on your desire and stated intention to finish out this 11 year of mastery the very best you can, so that you can take your newly mastered skills into 2019 and enjoy an incredible new year!