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Membership Program

What if you had constant access to the support and resources you needed to get in, stay in and recover to a state of Alignment more consistently?


What if you had constant access to the support and resources you needed to get in, stay in and recover to a state of Alignment more consistently? How much easier and more fun and satisfying would this whole “Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience” thing be?

There are SO many elements and aspects to Alignment, vibrational-living, and conscious co-creation that it can feel really hard and overwhelming to keep up with them all, much less apply them to your daily life consistently, am I right? In fact, on my end I find that it is impossible to cover everything I would have you know about Alignment as it pertains to your human experience in one class or program, or heck, even a 12-month private coaching stint for that matter (which is why most of my clients renew)!

As I’ve been trying to meet the demand of so many wanting this Alignment stuff in recent years, probably due to the gigantic increase in the number of people “waking up” in greater and greater numbers, a desire was born within me to come up with a way that allows for the vibrational momentum of Alignment to be sustained better, where you feel supported, re-minded, inspired and tuned in beyond what the timetable of a single program can offer. To find a way to keep this stuff in your conscious mind, and therefore naturally motivating you consistently apply it to your daily life, that goes beyond the moment you put down your copy of “Awake and Aligned” and into the rest of your life if you wanted it to.

And I believe I’ve found it.

I am insanely giddy and excited to announce the Spiritual Alignment Membership Program!

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that I am now offering a platform that allows us to connect in such a way where I can directly help you get in and stay in that beautiful flow of Alignment, allowing and receiving in your life – and most importantly, provide you with the support you need to get back in when you’ve fallen out.

My ultimate intention and purpose for this membership community is to guide you into greater and greater levels of Ease, Flow, Allowing, Alignment…to give you a “home base” to come to each day as a means to more powerfully and intentionally focus your energy and really step into the incredible conscious co-creator that you are.

It’s to bring to your awareness all of the subtle nuances that empower you to live not only the big moments of your life but the smaller, seemingly less significant moments through the eyes of your Higher Self, where everything seems to come alive in ways you never noticed before. It’s to demonstrate, and make very real for you, how fun, playful, light, joyful, peaceful, and yes, even easy, this human experience can be. My intention is to help you care about how you feel more than you ever have before, so that your life can begin unfolding according to your deepest desires, intentions, and dreams.

Does that sound like a hell yes to you? I thought it might.

This kind of thing, of course, never happens overnight; rather, it happens over time, with consistency, commitment, and discipline. If you’ve worked with me before, you’ve heard me say this about a hundred times, and while you probably agree with me this is probably the part that trips you up the most. That’s why this membership experience is designed to provide the spaciousness for that consistency, commitment and discipline to occur for you more naturally and effortlessly than making a go of it on your own.

And this way, we get to cover all of those subtle nuances and let them build upon each other as we go. When you become a member you have access to all previous classes and content as well, so you can go at your own pace and pay attention to what you’re drawn, learning to recognize it as a message from your guides that that particular topic is what you’re ready to focus on now and will best serve you. 

My work has always been marked by simplicity, approachability and relatability, practical application, and my ability to deliver complex concepts in ways you can more easily receive and apply. So, if you’ve enjoyed that to any degree in the past with me, or that approach is totally your vibe, know that by joining this membership program you’re in for a whole lot more of that and more…because when you grow and expand, I grow and expand. A really nice “side effect” of this work, I must say.

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So how does it work?

The membership is based on two core components: a monthly Masterclass, and a monthly Q&A call. All of the info to access these will be delivered straight to your inbox. Easy peasy.

To go into more detail, each month there will be a pre-recorded Masterclass that focuses on an aspect of the Spiritual Alignment Process that I dive deeply into, guided by my own Cosmic Team, and you will receive the recording to listen to at your convenience. Essentially, I will tap into the energy of the month, ask my guides what will be the most useful aspects for you to know and focus on, and let it flow through me to you – adding in my years of experience, training, expertise, and of course, my special brand of humor. 😉 These will be sent out during the second week of each month.

Just some of the Masterclass topics I have planned for you so far are: 

  • Building a functional relationship with your Cosmic Team (your guides, angels, deceased loved ones and other unseen beings that are there to support your journey)

  • Alignment and Money – transforming your vibrational relationship with money, wealth and abundance

  • Practicing Presence and Mindfulness, especially as part of the conscious manifestation process

  • Vibrational Business – applying the principles of Alignment to running your business or being a heart-centered entrepreneur

  • Alignment and Leadership

  • Alignment and Love/Relationships

  • Alignment and Parenting

  • Alignment and being an energetically sensitive being (aka Empathic)

  • Spiritual Upgrades and “Up-leveling” (aka navigating the Breakdown Before the Breakthrough)

  • Identifying and Using Your Superpowers

  • Occasional Special Guests who will offer you their special expertise and knowledge various aspects of Alignment

And that’s just to start…I’ll be checking in often to hear what you want me to touch on as well.

The monthly Live Q&A calls (which will also be recorded and sent to you after) are where you will have the opportunity to ask your general questions to deepen your learning and understanding, as well as the opportunity to receive guidance that is personal and specific to you yet somehow magically applies to everyone listening in – I have no idea why it works that way but it always does. These will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 1pm Central time. If you are not able to attend live, you may send in your questions ahead of time and I will do my best to address them on the call for you and if I don’t get to it, I will do my best to reply directly to you via email.


Working with Nova shifted everything for me. For me learning about alignment and source energy was all a completely new way to see and experience things, but it felt right. Through my work with Nova I learned to trust and strengthen my connection. Nova created a safe space for me to dig into my inner world and move old stuck energy, she helped me make sense of things, and process them. Nova has such a wonderful way of helping you to see things differently to zoom out and see all of the picture. She gave me the tools to work beyond our time together and to create a life of alignment most of the time. Working with Nova has changed how I see and experience EVERYTHING. I am more alive to gratitude and the gifts in my life than ever before. I am calmer, happier and more peaceful.
— Kendel Torkildson, Client
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In addition, as a member you will have access to:

  • Additional resources and content that I feel compelled and inspired to drop in, such as videos and audios I create to give you the current collective energetic read on things (what the planets are doing, the patterns that I’m noticing in everyone’s experience, numerology stuff, on the fly downloads from my Cosmic Team that are meant to be shared with you, etc.)

  • Past content that I have created – not given as an overwhelming amount of info that you will likely forget about and never take advantage of (don’t you hate that?) but rather being offered as it feels right to, given the season or cycle that we’re all in.

  • Special Access to a private Facebook Community where you can get to know and support one another, have access to the Alignment coaches I have mentored and trained, and where I love to randomly drop in and give card readings and other fun goodies as I am inspired to.

  • Access to everything that has been given in this Membership platform since day 1, even if you weren’t a part of it on day 1.

  • Discounts on any other offerings I may have while you are a current member, be they classes, programs, products, and even 1:1 coaching.

One thing that is NOT my intention with this offering

I do not want to overload or overwhelm you. I want this to be easy and simple, so I’m not going to add in a bunch of stuff just to try to oversell this, that you’ll never actually use or get to. I want this to be something that you are drawn to and join in on because you recognize its value in your life, you know you are ready for it and could really use and benefit from my special brand of support and guidance. I want this to help hold you accountable to, and stay in the conscious, intentional space of, keeping up with your daily Alignment practices, so that you can let everything that you are wanting in.

So in that spirit, the monthly Masterclass and Q&A calls are the main aspects to focus on and strive to be consistent with; and being that they are just roughly two hours of content per month, I feel like that will not only be doable but enough to help keep you in a more steady flow. The additional resources are there to enhance your experience and take it as far as you want to; they are there for when you feel naturally drawn to them in some way, whether I’m the one pointing your attention there or you just “happen” to come across something - you will begin to experience this as divine synchronicity, receiving exactly what your guides (aka Cosmic Team) want you to know.

What is your investment to be a Spiritual Alignment Member?

If you’ve followed my work and offerings over the years, you know that I offer a variety of ways to work with me and access Alignment at different price points. This ranges from buying a $17 copy of my book to taking a group or Mastermind program (anywhere from $99-$2000), to working with me privately (a significant investment of your time and money). It’s important to me that this membership program be accessible to the vibrationally willing and ready individual no matter what your financial background is, but also calls you forth to put some skin in the game so that you actually do the work (most people never complete freebies that they sign up for because it unconsciously lowers the value in their minds and makes it easier for them to justify not following through – totally one of those “human” things).

So I came up with a number that feels really good to me, that I think you’ll like, too: $33/month  

For what you might spend on the things that you buy to compensate for the lack of being in Alignment, you are getting access to being the version of you that you’ve always wanted to be. You are getting access to things that my private clients enjoy and benefit from, that has allowed them to do a complete and amazing overhaul of their entire lives, for a fraction of the price.

You can be a member for as long as you like, as it is a month-to-month membership at this point, and if you decide to take a month or two off and come back again, you can do that, too. If you join us for a few months and decide you’ve gotten what you needed and decide to end your membership – great. And if you decide you are in it to win it and stay with us for the long haul, wonderful! I’ve designed this as a no-pressure, simple and easy, only joyful opportunity sort of thing, from my Soul to yours.

I am only marketing this to those of you who already know me, follow my work, and seem to really enjoy and benefit from it already – because it is you I had in mind when designing this membership and making it available. It is your feedback I am working from, and I’ve been listening to. It is for those of you I’ve had private conversations with who were so excited to do this work with me but then ultimately said no because my private rates were not in reach for you at the time. This is your access point to everything we talked about. I hope you take it.


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Register and activate your membership today, and get started on allowing in everything you’ve been calling forth for quite some time now, accessing greater and greater levels of Alignment, moving into your next highest version of Who You Really Are with greater ease, flow, joy and peace than perhaps you’ve known before. I am so excited to have you be a part of this. <3

With great love and appreciation,



P.S. Got questions? I have answers! Email me at and I’ll help you out!

Nova and I met on a flight in 2017 and instantly made a connection. Months later I would learn a term called “soul recognition” that would describe that first encounter that we shared. Honestly, at that time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed in my life but I knew it involved delving into my own spirituality and finding “my purpose.” As we chatted as people do on flights, Nova shared she was a life coach and that she helped people put their spiritual side together with their human side. I was amazed and excitedly said “you’re exactly what I am looking for!”, to which she replied “well it’s no accident we’re sitting here together, is it.”

I then embarked on my personal transformation with Nova’s coaching. She helped me open my eyes to a new world. One that was always available to me, but now I access through daily habits of practicing alignment and self-love. What Nova teaches literally changed my life and I know my husband would attest to this too! If you’re looking for someone to coach you through the “most work you’ll ever do, without anyone knowing you’re doing anything” Nova is that person!
— Leslie Braun, Spiritual Coach and Healer (now, after having done this work 😊 )
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