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Spiritual Alignment



3 Keys to Accessing Alignment When Life Sucks and Feels Way Too Hard

Tuesday, November 6th, 1pm CST

Are you tired of your momentum getting interrupted by life’s curveballs and “unexpecteds”? Does it seem to take for-ev-er to get your groove back? Do you feel like you’re often spinning your wheels and getting nowhere or with very little to show for it before some new challenge arises? Are the ups and downs of life leaving you feeling dizzy and confused and like you want to scream?

So many of you are going through some pretty intense challenges and changes right now. How do I know? Well, aside from being ridiculously sensitive to collective and individual energy, I’m also aware that…

  • Venus is in retrograde right now, shining a sometimes harsh light on our relationships with others as well as with ourselves, asking us to make the proper adjustments necessary for our growth and expansion

  • We are in Scorpio season, with Jupiter in Scorpio wrapping up its year-long journey to assist us in facing some pretty big things in our shadow side, our fears, traumas, pains, shame and guilt, and…

  • Life always has contrast and challenge, as this is an integral part of life’s grand design.

Positivity isn’t the key to living a happy, aligned life. Knowing how to recover from a negative downward slide is.”  

~ from Awake and Aligned

Positive thinking has been a hot topic and focal point for a while now, which is great and necessary and another integral part of life’s grand design. But alone, it’s not enough. In fact, it is impossible to be positive 100% of the time, at least if you’re still in human form.

I want to talk about perhaps an even hotter topic that I believe isn’t covered enough: the shadow, the shit, the challenge, the ebb, the knockdown, or, put simply, the negative side of life – more specifically, how to embrace, use and recover from it.

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It will always be there, it’s never going away, and that was never the intention of learning how to think, feel, speak and act more positively. We live in a world of relativity where we need both – the positive and the negative, the up and the down, the yin and the yang, the blessing and the disaster – in order to thrive as the consciously co-creative beings that we all are. So no, the intention was never to think positively all the freakin’ time, it was to learn the power in both sides, the gifts and purpose, and how to wield them to our advantage, use them to consciously experience Who We Really Are and consciously manifest what whatever the hell we want!

So it’s time to learn how to recover to your higher self, do it faster and with greater ease. We’re rounding out the end of this 11 year of Mastery, where so much of our stuff that is ready to be healed and mastered has come up for us to do so, and it’s not quite done with us. This is the final push, and for a lot of you, what you’re facing right now is intense. It’s hard. It’s even painful. But let’s be clear, guys, it’s also for your highest good, and the second you stop resisting that is the moment your experience of it changes. What is happening right now, whatever it is, is in service of what you have been calling forth within you and around you for quite some time. What you put into it now will reap endless dividends and benefits for 2019 and the rest. Of. Your. Life.

So the choice is yours, are you going to drown in it, or consciously use what’s happening to make your quantum leap of mastery as this magical year comes to a close, preparing to usher in new energy?

I’ll make it easy for you to choose. I’m offering a FREE Spiritual Alignment Masterclass on Tuesday, November 6th at 1pm Central to assist you in riding out this year like the divine rock star that you are, and pave the way for 2019 to be full of the conscious miracles, magic and manifestations that I know you LOVE to experience.

One of the biggest obstacles, or disrupters, to your spiritual journey is and always has been how you deal with the shit stuff of life, the unexpected detours that throw you for an emotional loop and leave you trying to piece things back together bit by bit – am I wrong? While I won’t lie to you and tell you that the challenges and unforeseen developments of life can be eliminated from your experience forever, I can tell you with absolute certainty that your experience of these growth and expansion-based challenges can be had with far more ease and grace than you’ve had before, and your recovery to your higher self and your desired state of Alignment with Who You Really Are can be attained way more quickly and consistently. Having this kind of knowledge is what I believe to be the key to living the good life, and anyone who has experienced this first hand would agree with me.

In this Masterclass you will learn and walk away with:

  • Clarity on what this period of intensity (and all of life’s intense and challenging moments) is about, and how you can use it not only to your advantage, but for the very purpose in which it was intended by your soul

  • The 3 keys to navigating the hard times so that you can move through them with awareness, intention, ease and grace AND get to the other side more quickly

  • Specific strategies to help you manage your energy in the moment and after the fact, when things feel at their roughest (a.k.a. when shit hits the fan) (side note: who came up with that phrase? Gross. Lol!)

  • The confidence to access your own wisdom, intuition and strengths to be the highest version of you can be, AND stay connected to the bigger picture and whatever Higher Power you believe in AS you are moving through the challenge

  • A formula to use as you round out 2018 and boldly walk into 2019 with high-vibrating, clear-intending energy and follow-through!

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So don’t hesitate, sign up now to reserve your spot. You have nothing to lose and countless things to gain just by carving out some time to learn how to put your conscious co-creator powers to use. Consider that the very fact that you’re reading this isn’t a coincidence, but direct guidance from your higher self, from the Universe, your angels and guides, telling you that now is the time for you to powerfully step into this next highest version of Who You Really Are and the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Join me on Tuesday, November 6th at 1pm Central (11am Pacific/2pm Eastern) for an hour of clarity, understanding, empowerment, and lining up your energy in ways that will have you blessing, not condemning, every moment of contrast and challenge that you come across from here on out.