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Group Coaching & Mastermind

The Awake and Aligned 6-Week Group Coaching Program and Mastermind Intensive is here!

BEGINNING: June 9th , 2019

My book, Awake and Aligned, came out a year ago this month, and I am overjoyed by how it has been received so far. The feedback I have since gotten has often brought me to tears - in the best possible way, validating time and time again why I do this work. I know the power of Alignment, I’ve helped hundreds of clients know and apply it over the years with stunningly magical, consistent and reliable results, so my mission is clear:

Get as many people understanding and practicing Alignment as I can, so that not only can more people begin enjoying their lives more fully, accessing greater and higher levels of harmony, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, peace and love, but so that we can elevate the consciousness and raise the vibration of the entire planet.

That’s what I am up to here, in a nutshell, because I understand that the pathway to peace and oneness begins with the individual, it begins with the self. From there, vibrationally, it spreads like wildfire.

What is Alignment? It’s that energetic, high-vibrating sweet spot of clarity, peace, calm, knowingness, connection, joy….it’s when you feel really freaking good and know you have what it takes to access, be, do or have whatever you are wanting. We all experience Alignment daily, sometimes in tiny moments, sometimes for longer, but the typical human experience is that of going in and out of this state of centered clarity A LOT, and most of us don’t know how to actively get into this state, stay in it, or recover to it when we inevitably fall out or when life gets hard.

That’s where my book, Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being, comes in and shows you how to do achieve all that, as well as addresses the many subtle and not-so-subtle nuances that come with this conscious path, such as how the heck you handle things when going through a breakdown before the breakthrough, or the most vital elements to conscious manifestation that all too often get overlooked and leave you feeling disappointed, or that you must be doing something wrong. Sound familiar?

The main piece of feedback I have received since releasing the book is that, having read it, people were so relieved to have a practical, functional and enjoyable way to begin practicing the art of alignment. They were also very relieved to learn that you are not only allowed to be human while doing so, but you can embrace your humanity in such a way that makes the journey a helluva lot more fun, enjoyable, easy and satisfying. Spirituality does not have to be so hard or so serious!

This is the book that all spiritual books have led up to. Awake and Aligned speaks to my Soul. I was meant to read it and it has helped me IMMENSELY to more easily and JOYFULLY navigate my once difficult, worry-filled, “missing something” day to day life as a Soul in a Human body. So many people are awakening more and more each day and/or are on many different levels and I think this book would resonate deeply with all of them. Nova Wightman reminds us ALL that it’s an ongoing process and she gives powerful and practical tools to stay in alignment more and more of the time. Awake and Aligned shows you just how truly ABUNDANT, MAGICAL AND FUN life can and WILL BE when you are in ALIGNMENT! I am truly grateful for this book and the amazing author.
— Amazon Review, Becky
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I knew that I would eventually offer a course to go with the book, with the aim to provide that direct support, accountability and community with those who are also walking this conscious path of Alignment – and a year later it’s finally ready!

Here’s the skinny:

I am basing this Awake and Aligned 6-wk Group Coaching Program on the core components of the book, formatting it around the one key ingredient to Alignment that makes or breaks your experience: the Daily Alignment Practice. Having not only a daily practice in place, but this specific Alignment practice, has hands-down been the magic of the Spiritual Alignment method, the single most impactful element that has brought so many, myself included, from understanding big spiritual concepts to functionally living them in your everyday life.

Over the years as I’ve done this work and been amazed and in awe of how consistent the results were for my clients, no matter what their background or challenges, no matter what they came to me for specifically, I had to ask myself, what is the secret to all of this? What is the bread and butter that creates the magic? What is causing me to see such consistent results?

It was a no brainer:  Even though the Spiritual Alignment Process looks different for each client, the one thing I absolute do with all of them, no exceptions, is put them on a set of specific daily practices, habits that are designed to train you into a vibrational state of alignment each and every day. The magic of this is that these practices do the work for you – they are the very things that build your foundation for Alignment with Who You Really Are so that not only do you more naturally and effortless respond to life from this higher vantage point, you naturally recover to it when you’ve fallen out (and you will – it’s a vital part of the human journey).  

Put simply, if my clients did their practices consistently, they got their desired results, often in jaw-dropping ways.

And this just wasn’t something that I kept for my clients as a secret, I gave it to anyone and everyone who would listen, anyone who came to me for any kind a help whether they worked with me for the long-haul or not. I noticed that those who stuck to the daily practices even if they didn’t work with me consistently, were the ones who experienced true Alignment. SO it makes perfect sense to create an entire group coaching program with one primary goal in mind: get everyone doing these magical daily practices consistently, provide the space and support and accountability to make it easy for them to follow through and experience this magic firsthand as a result.

Working with Nova shifted everything for me. For me learning about alignment and source energy was all a completely new way to see and experience things, but it felt right. Through my work with Nova I learned to trust and strengthen my connection. Nova created a safe space for me to dig into my inner world and move old stuck energy, she helped me make sense of things, and process them. Nova has such a wonderful way of helping you to see things differently to zoom out and see all of the picture. She gave me the tools to work beyond our time together and to create a life of alignment most of the time. Working with Nova has changed how I see and experience EVERYTHING. I am more alive to gratitude and the gifts in my life than ever before. I am calmer, happier and more peaceful.
— Kendel Torkildson, Client
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When you join in the Awake and Aligned Group Coaching Program, you are not only going to learn these very specific practices that rewire your neurology and retrain your vibration, you will be held accountable to completing them each day and feel supported on your path to alignment. As you engage in these practices, you will notice that everything that no longer matches the higher vibrations you are practicing will naturally fall away; when they do, you will have the support of myself and the community to help you navigate it all, as well as celebrate and share in the really cool stuff that happens along the way (i.e. miracles, magic and manifestation).

Awake and Aligned 6-wk Group Coaching Program begins June 9th, 2019!

By joining this program and embarking on your own Spiritual Alignment journey with us, you will:

  • Build and strengthen a daily Alignment practice that will become the foundation from which you access the highest states of vibrational Alignment for the rest of your life!

  • Learn very specific practices that rewire your neurology and retrain your vibration to match Who You Really Are and the life you want to live

  • Learn how to get yourself into a state of Alignment, stay there more often, and recover to that place more quickly when you’ve fallen out

  • Learn how to access miracles, magic and manifestation, and make these your everyday way of life

  • Learn how to get let go of “the how” and get out of the way so the Universe can take care those details for you, while you focus on being in the receptive mode for it

  • Learn how to effectively manage your negative thoughts, emotions, and challenging experiences, as well as that of other people around you

  • Learn how to Consciously Co-Create and Manifest in a way that actually works

  • Be held accountable and feel supported by myself and those who are on this path of Alignment with you!

  • Close the gap between the version of you that is “spiritual” and the version of you that is “human,” which naturally leads to living a life of Alignment with Who You Really Are, where all things flow effortlessly and abundantly!

In this program you will receive:

  • an audio sent to your inbox each Sunday that covers one or two of the daily habits, as well as the corresponding spiritual concept that it will help you integrate into your daily life

  • access to a weekly 60-90 minute group coaching call (Thursdays at 1pm Central, and are recorded in case you cannot attend live) where you can get your questions answered and receive specific-to-you-and-your-experience insights, as well as benefit from the experience, questions and insights from those who are on this path with you

  • access to a private Facebook group just for participants to share your experiences, questions, and insights along the way. This will be the platform where I pop in for some extra Alignment goodies, such as group healings (what I call “energetic adjustments”) and readings – ya know, the fun stuff.

  • accountability to the daily practice and application of concepts learned so that you actually get what you came for – a higher level of Alignment with Who You Really Are, which leads to a more joyful, magical, abundant, enjoyable, successful, fabulous life!

Your Investment for this option: $297.00

I am also offering an intensive, Mastermind version of this program for a very small number of people. This option includes all the above as well as:

  • An additional group call each week with myself and the other mastermind members, where we will have the opportunity to dive even deeper into these vibrational Alignment principles and how to apply them to your individual life and current experience. The Mastermind experience is one of deeper intimacy and connection as you move through this process, and allows for more individualized attention from me as well as support from your fellow Mastermind members.

  • One private 1:1 session with me (75 minutes) and unlimited private email support through the duration of this program

  • 2 Energetic Alignment Adjustments (distance healing) that will help line up your energy in an even more supportive way as you move through the Alignment process

Your Investment for this option: $997 (payment plans available, please email me for more info)

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By the end of the 6 weeks you will have A LOT of vibrational momentum built up having kept your focus so high, so consistently, and you will be adept at not only recognizing this state of vibrational Alignment, but will know how to intentionally get there, stay there longer, and get back in when you’ve fallen out. You will be able to approach each aspect of your life, each context or decision, from this higher vantage point, which will cause everything to flow better, come together more effortlessly and joyfully. So in other words, the next time you feel utterly confused by life, or stuck in fear or doubt mode, you will know what to do to feel better faster and get back into the flow and magic of Alignment. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

This knowledge and these skills are priceless, and will serve you and those around you for the rest of your life.

Say yes to your own Alignment, to ending the struggle and suffering and learning to work WITH life rather than against it. Say yes to inviting in more peace, more love, more connection, more flow, more ease, more abundance, and more magic. Say yes to living your life as your highest, grandest version of Who You Really Are. Can you imagine what that would look and feel like? When you begin practicing Alignment, you don’t have to imagine it anymore, you get to watch it unfold and enjoy each step of the journey.

Nova and I met on a flight in 2017 and instantly made a connection. Months later I would learn a term called “soul recognition” that would describe that first encounter that we shared. Honestly, at that time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed in my life but I knew it involved delving into my own spirituality and finding “my purpose.” As we chatted as people do on flights, Nova shared she was a life coach and that she helped people put their spiritual side together with their human side. I was amazed and excitedly said “you’re exactly what I am looking for!”, to which she replied “well it’s no accident we’re sitting here together, is it.”

I then embarked on my personal transformation with Nova’s coaching. She helped me open my eyes to a new world. One that was always available to me, but now I access through daily habits of practicing alignment and self-love. What Nova teaches literally changed my life and I know my husband would attest to this too! If you’re looking for someone to coach you through the “most work you’ll ever do, without anyone knowing you’re doing anything” Nova is that person!
— Leslie Braun, Spiritual Coach and Healer (now, after having done this work 😊 )
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Isn’t it time to say no to that old, outdated story you’ve been telling and experiencing about your life and step into this next, highest and grandest version rooted in vibration Alignment with Who You Really Are? I’d love for you to join us, and it would be my highest honor and pleasure to guide you through the Spiritual Alignment Process.