Awake and Aligned 3-wk Pop-up Group!

When: November 11th- December 1st (11/11-12/1), DAILY

Where: Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Pop-Up Opportunity for you!

Hey Alignment-Seekers! Do you want to wrap this year up by training your vibration (and therefore neurology) into a higher frequency, to focus your energy in a way that consistently gets you into a state of flow and in receiving mode so that you can exercise and experience your conscious co-creator muscles? Then join me for my 3-wk Awake and Aligned Fall Pop-Up Group!

Here’s the big picture, guys – you are here to have FUN and ENJOY this life, being the conscious co-creator that you are, a limitless spiritual being having a human experience that can all too often feel full of limitations.

I know you know there is way more to life than what we’ve been taught and told, there’s far more available to us than our physical eyes can see and our brains can fathom, so wouldn’t it be awesome to actually access all that goodness and magic more often? To up our game when it comes to consciously manifesting and interacting with the powers of the Universe?

I want to help you do just that! Why? Because there aren’t enough of us out there who not only have the awareness of what’s possible in the vast Universe but the skills to make magic and possibility our dominant reality. Because I always have more fun and feel more joy and satisfaction when I’m able to share what I know and co-create with others. And because I am oh-so-clear that this is what I came here to do in this life time.

So I’ve created a fun little adventure for us that I do hope you will join me in! It’s a 3-week long “pop-up group” (i.e. a program that is less formal and shorter in duration that most other programs, and usually offered as a sort of "spur of the moment" opportunity - with planning, of course, but not much marketing) where a bunch of you Awake-and-learning-to-be-more-Aligned magical beings of love and light will get together with me online daily to learn some of my favorite spiritual, vibrational, and consciousness “hacks” (i.e. super easy, efficient, doable and powerful techniques and practices that actually work) to living your life in a state of alignment with Who You Really Are.

Spiritual Alignment Membership Program
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Join the Spiritual Alignment Membership Program!

Each month you will receive the following straight to your inbox:

  • a pre-recorded Masterclass that focuses on a relevant aspect of the Alignment process, diving deep and giving you tangible and practical tools to begin implementing right away

  • info to join in on a Live Q & A call with Nova, where you have the opportunity to get your questions answered and even receive some live coaching and intuitive guidance (also recorded and sent to your inbox)

  • access to additional resources to support and inspire you on your Alignment journey

  • "energy reports" when there's something impacting the collective experience that you should know about, or when Nova receives a download specific to this membership community

  • extra goodies in the private Facebook group for members only

  • discounts on any of Nova's other products, programs and services

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What it involves:

  • Each day I will post content (sometimes multiple times/day) in the group that you can use to immediately shift your energy and increase your vibration and access a higher state of alignment. You will be engaging in a powerful set of daily practices that will soon become habit, designed to help you get into a state of alignment more effortlessly. You will learn how to access and experience more miracles, magic and conscious manifestation in life, as well as how to tune into your own "Cosmic Team." You will receive guidance and pointers on how to consciously utilize your partnership with the Universe in manifesting the things you desire, and tips on how to navigate your thoughts and emotions so that you can stay in a state of allowing more often. I'll be popping in frequently to do some FB Lives, give angel card readings, share what I'm noticing in the cosmos and the collective energy and how you can use it in your own experience, and even give some spot coaching. Beyond that, I don't know, my own Cosmic Team will surely have some surprises for us. :)

  • I will be working with this specific group’s energy, which means each week I will be focusing on the collective energy as well as that of each participant’s, doing a little behind-the-scenes energy work. Think of it as an energetic adjustment to help realign you.

  • Like-minded souls just like you who have a vested interest in connecting within to their Higher Self, to the their own Cosmic Team, and to the magic of this beautiful, vibrational Universe we live in – sharing in each other’s journeys is absolutely priceless, and such an important part of the alignment process. You can choose how much you want to share, but there will be prompts by me asking group members to share their experiences and learnings, give their own insights, as well as ask the questions that you may not think to ask yourself! PLUS this is a collective conscious co-creation, meaning that when two or more are gathered with high vibrations and intentions the Universe bends to create their desired magic and outcomes!

  • Access to me to help you navigate those various contexts of life where you’re sure getting into alignment is impossible or out of reach, and get your “yeah, but what about ________” questions answered.

  • Accountability so that you will actually follow through on your desire and stated intention to finish out this 11 year of mastery the very best you can, so that you can take your newly mastered skills into 2019 and enjoy an incredible new year!

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“Since working with Nova everything in my life is more smooth and it just feels better. It’s actually more exciting, playful and magical too. Relationships that were under strain were healed or just no longer an issue. My kids calmed down and my general outlook on life improved. During our time I made a career change which could have been scary but she tapped in to her Guides, channelled powerful messages to me and helped me along the way. On top of all of this, Nova’s coaching practices, guidance and support made it possible for me to learn and trust the process of connecting to my Higher Self. (I didn't know that was a thing before I worked with her.) It was a beautiful process but I wasn't in a place to do it alone so I'm deeply grateful for her. The results I experienced with Nova were so astonishing that I’m working with her again to create the career of my dreams. I’m truly honored to have her in my life and I know the next 6 months are going to bring abundance, success and even deeper connections. If you are ready for your life to be amazing than you’ve found the right coach.”

- Becky Haderer, Reiki Practitioner

Your Investment:

$297 $97 – special rate for my people and anyone you think would absolutely LOVE to do this with you!

I’m going to be honest here (at the risk of sounding like an arrogant jackass) – this is a ridiculously low price to work with me. So why would I price this so low? Again, the world needs more high-vibrating, clear and conscious, awake and aligned way-showers like you, and there is never been a time better than now to step into that. Plus I feel beyond blessed to be able to do this work as my career and make a wonderful living from it – this is one of the ways I want to give back. 

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“Nova and I met on a flight in 2017 and instantly made a connection. Months later I would learn a term called “soul recognition” that would describe that first encounter that we shared. Honestly, at that time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed in my life but I knew it involved delving into my own spirituality and finding “my purpose.” As we chatted as people do on flights, Nova shared she was a life coach and that she helped people put their spiritual side together with their human side. I was amazed and excitedly said “you’re exactly what I am looking for!” to which she replied “well, it’s no accident we’re sitting here together. It was divinely orchestrated.”

I then embarked on my personal transformation with Nova’s coaching. She helped me open my eyes to a new world. One that was always available to me, but now I access through daily habits of practicing alignment and self-love. What Nova teaches literally changed my life and I know my husband would attest to this too!”

- Leslie Brauns

 If your soul is singing at the thought of joining this group, please don’t hesitate – sign up now! This is your declaration to the Universe that you ready to up your game, and the Universe does not take declarations such as this so lightly, it will begin sending you things that match your declaration immediately! (which is something we will be looking closely at in this group, fyi)

Life is supposed to be fun! Miracles, magic and conscious manifestation are your birthrights, and can be your everyday experience when you understand how to come from a place of Alignment in everything you do. Click the button to sign up now, and get ready for 3 weeks of joy, playful, light, fun and magical alignment that you will use for the rest of your life!


“Working with Nova was the one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The gift of alignment can't be fully expressed in words until you experience the freedom and joy it ushers into your experience for yourself. I feel like the best way to describe it is the most beautiful journey of coming home to your authentic self, the remembering of your true, loving nature, and the birthing of the next grandest chapter of your life. Nova's depth of knowledge, intuitiveness, and guidance called me forth when I needed to be called forth, validated when I needed to be validated, and loved when I needed to be loved. A true balanced approach that left the required space for my own growth while never leaving me feeling exposed or unsupported. If you're on the fence, jump into this work. I truly believe nothing but good can come from it.”

- Annie Kuensting, Beacon Empowerment Strategies



Nova Wightman is an Author, Certified Life Coach (CPCC), NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, radio show host and a Conversations with God Coach on Neale Donald Walsch's (author of the Conversations with God Series of Books) team. Also the owner and operator of her own coaching company, Go Within Life Coaching, Nova helps spiritual seekers become spiritual rock stars by blending their spirituality with their humanity so that they can enjoy the crap out of life. She puts her clients on the fast track to conscious manifestation by teaching them how to align with Who They Really Are, all while feeling joyful and satisfied along the way! Having been able to physically see and feel energy and auras her entire life, Nova also reads and interprets energy, offering "energetic adjustments" to help align one's energy with their desires and goals. She recently released the book, "Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being," a powerful, transformational and practical guide to living a life of Alignment with Who You Really Are.