What To Do When Life Feels Big and Intense

Every now and then I write a post like this...

And it usually coincides with some big cosmic occurrences in the skies, such as eclipses and planets going retrograde, which, incidentally, is a thing right now. But I won't go into those details here - I see astrology as an influence, a catalyst for the inevitable ebb and flow and expansion of the Universe and the whole "spiritual being having a human experience" thing.

Instead of going too deeply into those details, I want to share the important stuff I would have you know about the energies right now, in case you, like many others, are finding yourself saying things like "wtf is going on right now?" :) The stuff that will help you move through it from the bigger-picture perspective and use it all for the purpose in which it's intended.

The nuts and bolts of it are:

  • We're stepping into Eclipse season (new moon eclipse on July 2nd, full moon eclipse on July 16th), which is known to amplify certain things in your life to create doors opening and closing. Eclipses shine the light on things that were previously not too visible to us, for the purposes of ushering certain parts of our lives (wondering which part for you? Ask yourself what is the loudest right now.) forward; consider this a turning point in that area, and it can be an aspect that's visible for all to see or more of an internal shift that maybe only you notices.

  • Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th and we're in the "shadow period" of it right now, which means you may already be noticing things around technology, communication, scheduling, etc. going a bit awry. Don't worry, this isn't just a middle finger from the Universe that has no rhyme or reason - there's a purpose. (read on)

  • Lots of other planets doing lots of other things that I don't quite understand or ever remember the terminology enough to articulate, but they are all influencing the shifts that are happening in your life in some way. Oh, and we just had the solstice, and we're coming up on the official halfway point of the calendar year, so there's some significance there as well.

In general, this is a time of big shift for everyone, both individually and collectively.

What you can do with all of this awareness that can help you move through your big shift more gracefully and easily is:

  • Slow down before the Universe forces you to in some way that you probably won't prefer. Create some space in your calendar, try not to overbook.

  • Prioritize self-care. No really, don't just talk about it and nod your head in agreement - do it. Naps, being out in nature, focusing on your daily spiritual practice, eating well, getting enough sleep, connecting with people who uplift you, massages, bubble baths, Netflix binging - whatever floats your boat! But do it with consistency throughout the month, not just once or twice. And if you're especially tired lately or in the days to come, don't make yourself wrong for it - sleep. There's a ton of energy moving in, through and around us lately, and if you're sensitive to energy you are probably feeling it. It's all good. The extra sleep helps with integration and release.

  • Say no to anything that feels like an obligation or doesn't bring you joy, and pay attention to when you no longer feel like doing things that were previously a yes for you. The energy during these times can shift quickly and with it, your moods. Let it all be okay.

  • Recognize that you're not the only one being impacted by these energies, so practice kindness, empathy and compassion while you also stick to your boundaries and tend to your own energy. In other words, don't take on other people's stuff, allow them to have their own experience. We're all divinely supported in this.

  • Hit the pause button - a lot, as many times as you need to, and especially when you notice yourself getting triggered by someone or something. Create space to be with what comes up in a healthy way, such as journaling, venting (but only once, don't continue to beat that drum or you won't get out of that energy you don't want to be in in the first place), crying, napping, meditating on it or engaging in physical movement to let that energy move through you. Do your best to consciously respond, rather than react.

  • Play, relax, laugh, focus on joy and gratitude, and engage in things that bring you pleasure as much as humanly possible! Prioritize fun! This doesn't have to be a serious, heavy time; in fact, intentionally prioritizing play, pleasure and fun can make this season of shift feel like a breeze!

I hope shining the light on and naming what's going on collectively is useful to you, and I encourage you to implement some of the suggestions above. If you need any direct help with it during this time, please reach out to me, even if it's just to ask a question about all of this. And feel free to share in your experience by hitting the reply button, I'd love to hear!